CM Llamada has dedicated particular attention to the design and manufacturing of equipment for Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) foundation piling.
Our very high degree of specialization has allowed us to reach our current position and assures us a future full of challenges, at all levels.

Our team is formed by a total of 70 employees, spread between the factories of CM Llamada in Cardedeu (Barcelona) and that of its subsidiary, Eciar, located in La Muela (Zaragoza).

We are ready to respond to each and every one of the challenges that come up in this competitive and dynamic market. Our experience, together with the wide range of Llamada drilling equipment, allows us to find the most suitable and profitable solution every time.

We are able to develop specific products – personalized machinery designed according to the particular needs of each of our clients and maintaining the same versatility that characterizes our standard machinery for conventional jobs.

Green Energy Certificate

Our History

1856 – Josep Codina Bramona, our ancestor, opens a forging and special steel constructions workshop.1969 – Juan Vicente Herrero Codina founded Construcciones Mecánicas Llamada: its aim is to expand the activities of the family business to the manufacturing of special foundation equipment…

Clientes y Servicio Postventa

In our opinion, CM Llamada’s greatest endorsement are our clients: from small local companies to the sector’s largest and most prestigious multinationals. Today, the work of CM Llamada is recognised all over the world and its equipment is used across four …