The LLAMADA P-224TA Piling rig is designed to facilitate without compromise the installation of continuous flight auger piles (CFA), compaction or displacement piles (FDP), secant piles (SP), contiguous piles (CP) down the hole hammer (DTH), Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) and SOILMIXING soil improvement/remediation techniques. The P-224TA can install piles up to 24m deep without the need for extensions or snorkels, and from 300mm up to 1,000mm in diameter.


The LLAMADA P224TA is distinguishable from its competitors by the high performance available despite its compact size, minimal weight, and also its unique visual characteristics .  All of this is thanks to amongst other things its power, its 360º working area, the maneuverability on site, and the telescopic counterweight which provides an optimal center of gravity and maximum stability, it also comes with new total control electronics for precise operation, all coupled with the simplicity of assembly / disassembly, makes it the most versatile compact piling rig available on the market.

1. Chasis Llamada
• Llamada hydraulically variable gauge tracks chassis : 2.980 mm to 4.320 mm
• Track length : 4.950 mm
• Track shoes width : 800 mm
• Working area : 360º

2. Transport dimensions
• Wide : 2.980 mm
• Long : 13.820 mm
• High : 3.380 mm
• Transport Weight : 49.000 kg

3. Telescopic counterweight 
• Travel : 1.100 mm
• Total weight : 8.000 kg

• Detachable weight : 7.000 kg


4. Hydraulic group

235 kW. (320 CV)

4.1. Main pumps
4.1a. Close circuit (rotary table)

4.1b. Open circuit

4.1c. Regeneration pump

5. Winches
5.1. Main winch
• First layer output : 15 t. (x 4 = 60t.)
5.2. Secondary winch
• First layer output : 3,2 T
5.3. Automatic CROWN winch
• First layer output : 7,5 Tm (x2=15Tm)

6. Telescopic mast
• Equipped with “Spotter mast” stroke 400mm.
• Open mast top height : 28,08 m.
• Closed mast top Leigh : 21,78 m.
• Pile top depth : CFA 24m.

7. Cabin equipment
• Remote control via radio all movements of the rig.
• Panoramic vision with panoramic cams 360º.
• FOPS cabin protection according to UNE-EN ISO 3449 Standard.
• Machine according to CE EN 16228.

8. Llamada Rotary head
Llamada type P-105TT rotary head with a 5” inner tube for concrete flow (Ø125 mm). 

Torque max:  15.251 kGm a 11,1 rpm

RPM Max:  31,8 rpm a 5.840 kGm de torque


*The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics of its products.

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*The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics of its products.