After Sales Service

In our opinion, CM Llamada’s greatest endorsement are our clients: from small local companies to the sector’s largest and most prestigious multinationals.
Today, the work of CM Llamada is recognized all over the world and its equipment is used across four continents: Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.

There is no tter publicity that a satisfied client and when we ask our clients why they entrust us with their investments, the majority are in agreement that there are two main competitive advantages of our machines which substantially differentiate us from other manufacturers: “Llamada drilling rigs are the most compact and the most efficient”.

Reduced weight and dimensions (up to 40% below those of other manufacturers, whilst considerably improving stability and working conditions) together with extremely high performance in terms of productivity, are our best hallmark.

When it comes to quality, there is only one type that counts: absolute quality.

In search of excellence, CM Llamada opted, from the very beginning, to take control of the entire manufacturing process, designing and producing the machinery, from the crawler chain down to the smallest of details, allowing us to produce equipment with the reliability, stability, simplicity, efficiency and profitability required by even our most demanding of clients.

Rigorous internal checks throughout the entire manufacturing process ensure a quality finish for each product.

Our machines distinguish for its reliability and efficiency, designed to carry out the biggest challenges in any environment and in the most unfavorable and under extreme conditions.

But we know that they can always unforeseen difficulties arise. So we have the best technical service in the industry: in 24 hours, we provide spare parts for our machines anywhere in the world. For nothing can paralyze the achievement of its objectives.