The P105TT changes to P105TA.  With Tilting mast.

Llamada delivers the first two units equipped with pivoting mast, which allows the mast to be approached or moved away to accelerate, facilitate and save maneuvers with the platform.

Specifically it has been equipped on the first two P105TA, one for the French firm “Grimaud Fondations” and the second for the Bachy group’s “Mcdonnell” company in Ireland.

With this improvement, we have the possibility to plant the mast at any point of the half meter of stroke that the pushing rods have.

From these innovations, the P105 will always be equipped as standard with this system called “Tilting mast”. Leading to the new TA nomenclature.

This same system will be applied on other models. It is initially started to be installed on the P135EV2 and the future P230TA.